DIALOGUE is a Practice. An Agency. 

DIALOGUE deepens human connection by designing experiences that connect philosophy to strategy, amplifying the future of organizations and brands.




The Dialogue ThinkTank helps our clients uncover untapped potential for their people, amplify their brand vision, and expand their impact with customers and employees

Designed as immersive sessions taking place outside the walls of the organization, ThinkTanks are highly curated to bring together the diverse minds of external thought leaders and company leadership. Topics are selected based on specific business goals and objectives.

ThinkTanks are strategic dialogues that generate insights to inform and enable leading brands and organizations to increase visibility and impact as it relates to their people, brand, and strategy.



The Immersive Co.Lab, is designed to align brand promise and opportunity with strategy and action for maximum results. 

Co.Lab brings together our network of thought leaders and our client's executives / employees to co-create and drive action towards opportunities in a transformative and experiential environment. 

The Co.Lab can be a follow-on session to crystalize ThinkTank insights into strategy or can be held as it's own standalone immersive strategy session. 



Transformation Sessions are experiential sessions designed to bring together several organizations into an experiential environment to explore the power of context through the lens of topics like Ethics, Hierarchy, Gender & Perception, Cultural Norms & Legacy, among others. 

Each session explores several differing contexts to enable new-level thinking around how our perceptions shape our view of the world. 

With cross-pollination in mind, these sessions aim to bring together individuals and teams from organizations along with a curated group of thought leaders in the tech, design, arts, and creative entrepreneurship spaces. 

Select sessions are done in a partnership with Tina Seelig, Professor of the Practice at Stanford University's School of Engineering.