Through our work with Rimma and her team, we gained insights on how we can further activate community connectivity in ways not thought of before. They strategically curated Dialogues to inspire our leaders in next level thinking, which impacted their strategic objectives and helped define how we amplify our brand promise in the market.
— Ron Storn, VP People, Lyft
Rimma helped us build our market on the West Coast when Aesop was just beginning to uncover the opportunity. Her work enabled our Marketing team to build the right strategic partnerships and helped shape the vision for growth in a completely new geography. She knew everyone we absolutely needed to know to expand with impact.
— Giovanni Lepori, General Manager Americas, Aesop
What I found so brilliant about the Think-Tank Dialogue is how it exposed something deeper about the way we communicate with others. Often we know what people think - after a few minutes or a couple hours of talking with them or weeks and months of working together - but Rimma’s nuanced (and subtle) style of facilitation uncovers how we think. This process should be elevated and highly regarded for its unparalleled value in identifying the voice and perspective of every individual on a creative or strategic team.
— Nell Waters, CEO, SOAK