Join a select group of industry leaders in a guided conversation on BELONGING. In this space, you will be challenged to drop titles and connect across difference to produce new understandings within a framework for innovation.

In an era of political and cultural tension, which lead so many to retreat to the safety of tribal identities, the notion of BELONGING begs our attention. Beyond the sound bites and talking points lie deep questions, ones that follow us into our homes, our communities and our workplaces. How do we foster a sense of belonging for others, where do we find it for ourselves, and why does it matter?

Due to the success of our previous events and requests for a still deeper conversation, DIALOGUE dives further into this complex issue to explore the potential for, and evolution of, "belonging" in the 21st century.

*Sessions can be customized and focused for teams within one organization and accommodate 10-12 individuals. 

WhO should attend?

Are you a curious leader passionate about people, connection, and cultivating an inclusive community?

Would having a greater understanding of ‘difference’ impact take your work to the next level? Make you a better leader? Make your products more relevant?

Are you part of a team that’s thinking deeply about diversity, inclusion, and transforming your company culture?

Can you or your team benefit from a little inspiration?

What to expect?

Tactics to take back to your team to increase cultural sensitivity and build a more inclusive and empathetic company culture.

An understanding of how social norms and positioning affect perceptions and reality.

Opportunity to take part in and glean insights from industry leaders from top Silicon Valley companies.


Rimma Boshernitsan :: As the founder of DIALOGUE, Rimma believes that opportunities can be discovered through meaningful, intentional dialogue. A natural at curating ideas, people and coupling creative process with strategic outcomes, Rimma brings her expertise advising Fortune 500 companies, and her work in art and design, to create a collective intelligence focusing on the critical issues of our time.

Angella Okawa - B&W.png

Angella Okawa :: Angella works with individuals and organizations interested in taking personal and professional development to the next level. Utilizing a background in design, tech and psychology, she helps entrepreneurs, new managers, and teams improve their EQ and flexibility with diversity. She has a coaching and psychotherapy practice in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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