Case Study I: A pop-up think tank on creativity



A multi-national technology company specializing in Internet-related services and products.

challenge & Objective

Every organization can hit a creative wall; for our client's Marketing organization, the challenge was in understanding opportunities to employ creativity to drive their pipeline of work. DIALOGUE positioned the team to explore their creativity, bettering their understanding of individual and collective creative capabilities in the context of their annual objectives and analytical work. 


Agenda & Inquiry

DIALOGUE designed a half-day immersive session, converging the 8 team members from Google with an artist from Tel Aviv and a product inventor. The group holistically explored the concept of creativity in breaking through our boundaries of potential. To begin the deep-dive, we considered: 

What is the value of creativity?
What is the opportunity cost of not employing creativity at work?
How can you be more creative on Monday?

Dialogue 1 - Lyft_160516_9833_BlogWeb.jpg

Location & Design

To help take the team out of their daily context, we converged at an old commercial laundry space that is currently functioning as a contemporary art gallery. DIALOGUE took over 1000 sq. ft. of the unique space, creating an environment that inspired and challenged the clients’ thinking.


A digital online reference guide —’Toolkit for Creativity’ 

Assessment & insights around opportunities in which creativity can play a bigger role in the context of the team’s work. Individual discoveries made in the following areas:

Understanding the difference between creativity, innovation, & entrepreneurship

Actions to take to engage both team and individuals to think beyond the obvious

Introduction of the concept of “improvisation & play

General understanding of productivity & creativity and how to balance expectations