Case Study II: A Dialogue Think Tank & Co.Lab



A multi-billion dollar peer-to-peer transportation provider. 

challenge & Objective

Utilizing the Dialogue Methodology, create and design a strategy that informs three verticals of the Clients’ business (Enterprise Strategy, Government Relations, and Product Engineering), focusing on building an understanding around new market opportunities, strategic partners, and new ways of thinking around the impacts of the Client’s product on the consumer.

Dialogue 1 - Lyft_160516_9805_BlogWeb.jpg

Agenda & Inquiry

Developed three experiential ThinkTanks, each converging twelve thought leaders

Identified employee-facing opportunities, which in turn informed the strategy of the People and Product teams

Designed an immersive Co.Lab session, linking insight to strategy, bringing together external thought leaders, internal stakeholders and employees to co-create a governance model and structure for ongoing engagement


Location & Design

For each topic & immersion, DIALOGUE curated distinct locations and re-designed the space to lay a contextual foundation for visceral impact.


An Insights Report framing 5-7 business opportunities to pursue 

Deployment / engagement strategy of Dialogue ThinkTank impacts across three verticals

Best practices for enabling interaction and connection in the context of ‘Technology & Community’

5 strategic partnerships & introductions to high revenue business partners that directly impact ROI