Case Study III: Unlocking Multiplicity: Artificial Intelligence & the Future of Work


Machines are often portrayed as a replacement for human labor rather than a complement to it. But is AI a threat or an opportunity?


A multi-billion dollar global leader in digital networking and a leading provider of global digital infrastructure services, providing over 25% of the world’s internet routes. 

challenge & Objective

Explore the potential of AI enhancing collective intelligence and intellectual diversity, allowing human workers to do more diverse thinking, become more efficient, and undertake more creative, fulfilling labour.

Photo Creidt
Photo Credit:    Gershoni Creative

Photo Credit: Gershoni Creative


Created a research framework, executing a global survey of 120 executives and 15 in-depth interviews with entrepreneurs, executives and thought-leaders, including former prime minister Tony Blair, across the US, Europe, South America, Asia, India and the Middle East to uncover real-world human-machine collaboration opportunities and insights on the future of work.

Designed two Dialogue think tanks On AI & the Future of Work, bringing together internationally renowned experts from the fields of artificial intelligence, machine learning, design, art, government, politics, ethics, entrepreneurship, behavioural economics, journalism, engineering and human resources for a highly curated, immersive session to explore:

  • Elements of company’s benefit from increased cognitive diversity, collaboration, creativity and innovation

  • How can the implementation of AI-based system elevate workers abilities, agility, curiosity

  • The current successes and challenges of human-machine collaborations -- how might the structure of work shift to accommodate the ever-evolving technologies


To spark thinking around the implications of technology on society, we invited participants to a historic dome of the Humbolt Bank Building in downtown San Francisco, where they were facilitated through multiple immersive experiences that primed them to think about the opportunities around artificial intelligence and other advanced technologies in.


40-page comprehensive executive report: AI, Augmentation, Cognitive Diversity, and the Future of Work

  • Pointed strategic business insights on opportunities and impact from increased human-machine collaboration to use for new and existing clients

  • Communication material for executive leadership roadshow on key findings

  • Strategic connection to 40+ key global leaders and a network of innovators, including former Prime Minister, Tony Blair