Case Study IV: Designing for the Future City: Place & Belonging



The Civic Center Commons Initiative is a City of San Francisco, government led collaborative effort, working across the public and private sectors, to revitalize the city’s civic spaces.

challenge & Objective

Design and cultivate a new ecosystem of partners, supporters and influencers to stimulate cross-sector collaboration and identify opportunities for cultivating impactful utilization of civic spaces.

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// Curate a Dialogue, On the Future City: Place & Belonging, gathering government policy experts, designers, venture capitalists, youth engagement specialists, and community organizations in an exploration of the following questions:

What characteristics does a “Future City” embody, and how do we work towards creating it?

How might we engage the public to foster a sense of belonging in our cities?

How do we hope to see civic spaces utilized in the future? What opportunities currently exist for developing those uses?

How do we reach our aspirations of creating inclusive cities for an increasingly globalized world?

// Provide executive advisory and connect CCC leadership with key stakeholders outside of the City to further identify strategic opportunities for activation of the Commons.


To activate thinking around ideas of place an belonging, we invited participants to a historic dome of the Humbolt Bank Building in downtown San Francisco, where they were led through an immersive experience to prime them for a deep dialogue on the opportunities and implication of "belonging."


// Developed an Insights Report and developed 15 active engagement opportunities for CCC leadership.

// Facilitated increased alignment between key stakeholders and CCC by creating a stakeholder map and recommendation toolkit

// Developed a Communication Plan and corresponding materials to facilitate effective media outreach and social media engagement for the CCC campaign and ongoing success.