Case Study V: Health in the 21st Century - Technological Frontiers: Challenges & Possibilities



A cutting-edge program to forge partnerships between technology companies and strategic initiatives at a globally recognized managed healthcare consortium with over 11 million members.

challenge & Objective

Gather leading experts at the intersection of health & technology to increase organizational buy-in for Strategic Partnerships and map current initiatives to the changing landscape of healthcare in the 21st century.

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// Conceptualized a 3-part speaker series for *********** internal audience, inviting cross-sector thought leaders for guided conversations on:

  1. Blockchain // Systems Innovations in Healthcare

  2. AI & Machine Learning: Implications & Opportunities

  3. The Future of Design, Consumer Hardware and Patient Experiences

// Developed content and design for a 2-Day Learning Summit for executive leadership to spark engagement in Strategic Partnership’s priorities and align goals to stimulate collaboration. Sessions include:

  1. The Future Landscape of Healthcare

  2. Frontiers of Prevention // Whole Person Care: Social Determinants & Interventions

  3. Health & Technology // Ethics & Solutions

  4. Technical Deep Dive -- Robotics & Healthcare

  5. The Future of Life & Death in Healthcare

  6. Healthy Communities // Designed Well-being