Letter from the Editor: Why DIALOGUE? Why now?


Over the years, my career has taken me from Fortune 500 companies to the commercial art world to advising leading CEO's on their culture and business strategy. It's been an epic ride. Yet, the one thing I noticed is that no matter what city I was in, I always paid attention to the way people connected to one another. By connecting, I don't mean through their devices or at networking events, but rather how they truly connected to one another, on a human level, through conversation or dialogue. Depending on the country, the situation, the company, I found that not many people are able to get past the daily greetings and superficial talk. In fact, most of the time, we were so stuck in a digitally induced coma, that we simply did not have the presence to care. 

Photo Credit:    Vinobosh Photography

Photo Credit: Vinobosh Photography

A year ago, DIALOGUE was born out of the conviction that a true coming together of curious minds can not only transform human connection, but also shift perspectives and create avenues for partnership and collaboration. I believe intentional dialogues rooted in a common interest have the potential to inspire and propel individuals towards possibilities previously unimagined. 

Putting like minds in the same room does not always result in a shift. However, design an environment, facilitate a true dialogue amongst a carefully curated blend of artists, designers, entrepreneurs, makers, craftsmen, non profit leaders, and philanthropists in a setting that is both inspired, disruptive and intentionally created... and watch as the magic happens.

Voices is our version of the online dialogue. Here you will find opinion pieces written by select guests and their take and inspiration around each topic.