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Attraction: the action or power of evoking interest, pleasure, or liking for someone or something.

How does attraction inform industries, and what are the core human elements of the experience? These questions drew us together to untangle a phenomenon that is both innate and highly manufactured: our ability to feel and construct attraction.

Bridging perspectives across professional and personal experiences, No Show* brought together creative directors, user experience experts, porn industry professionals, a chocolatier, and an astrologer to examine the future of attraction. We asked:

// How do cultural conditions impact our attractions?

// How do our industries both use and shape attraction?

// What do our attractions communicate to others about our identity?

// Where are there opportunities to re-envision the power of attraction for our changing world?

Parsing through moments as far back as infancy, we shared insights on how our ‘attractions’ have been informed by family values, spiritual belief systems, cultural norms, and social ecosystems.

As we connect with one another, we often filter our expressions and desires, perhaps to attract a particular person, or to generate belonging within a partnership. While many of our attractions are constructed from our surroundings, there are biological elements drawing our attention to particular smells, textures, shapes, and symmetries. How do we know what we are truly attracted to?

Across industries, we saw how humans are attracted to that which confirms a vision of who we want to be. Our attraction is highly dependent on our changing environment, the context of our childhood, workplace, cultural norms. Yet, we hold the power to shape the conditions of the future.


NO SHOW Photo by Gershoni Creative

NO SHOW Photo by Gershoni Creative


Over the course of the year, this series on the Human Condition has covered topics such as: Nourishment, Belonging, with upcoming topics on Creation and Purpose. We aim to use No Show as a space to grapple with issues that are central to the challenges society, in hopes of building a more connected, caring, and innovative future. Additional insights on each topic to follow.

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