Letter From the Editor // A Year of Human Connection

2018. We move forward into a year of action, applying the insight from 2017 to influence new perspectives, new ways of being.

Our work continues to lead us to push boundaries and discover new frontiers. This January we kicked off two new client projects: The first, The Future of Work: Artificial Intelligence, Human Intelligence, and Collaboration—an investigation of the growing diversity between automated systems and social processes to identify avenues for deeper human connection and engagement in the workplace. The second, The Future of Place-Making in Urban Environments, with the City of San Francisco. We are excited by the opportunity to further connectivity through intentional Dialogue, stimulating deeper civic engagement within public and private spaces. Both projects are vastly different from one another, yet both explore our relationship to the self, each other and our greater surroundings. 

Photo Credit: Anastasia Varvarina

Photo Credit: Anastasia Varvarina

Across all of our clients—from Fortune 500 companies to municipalities, universities, and startups—we work to influence future-forward perspectives that align with strategic paths for results.

After six-months of hosting executive dialogues on Belonging, we’re adding another topic to the fold: Purpose. Through an immersive experience and guided dialogue, these sessions help individuals and organizations contextualize their actions and create impact within the broader currents of our ever-changing society. If you’re curious or would like to send a colleague or a team member to one of our sessions, please connect with me.

The successful launch of No Show* last year is continuing to spark introspection and engagement through intentional cross-pollination and dialogue. A collaborative salon-style series with Gershoni Creative, No Show* brings together leaders and innovators across disciplines to gain cultural insight on unique experiences that shape ideas of the future. This year, we'll be expanding our collection of human data to tackle topics such as Ritual, Ethics, Impulse, & Transparency.

No Show* is a series open to the community—if you’d like to nominate an innovative mind to take part, please be in touch.

In 2017, I was asked to become a contributor to Women@Forbes focusing on the intersection of human connection and business. My articles can be found on my Blog@Forbes.  

Our communication will continue monthly, so be on the lookout for blog interviews with curious minds as well as insights from our No Show* series. For those of you who have been with us from the beginning, thank you! And to our new friends and followers, stay tuned for an exciting year!



From the EditorAriel Cooper