Letter from the Editor // Welcome 2019

Welcome 2019.

Welcome new prospects, new vantage points, new discussions, new intersections, new occasions to grow, gather, and glean.

But first, Welcome Gratitude.

Looking back, 2018 turned out to be rather extraordinary, thanks in no small part to the relationships we’ve cultivated, along with great gifts of time and insight-sharing by both our clients and collaborators. By embracing empathy as an active practice and fusing it with innovative strategies, we continue to offer all of our clients -- from Fortune 500 companies to municipalities, startups, and universities -- future-forward perspectives and compelling, human-centered results. Last January, we proclaimed 2018 as “A Year of Human Connection,” and if the following highlights are any indication, we both found and made that statement true.

Photo credit: Gershoni

Photo credit: Gershoni

We led and hosted a yearlong series of executive dialogues on the topic of BELONGING, continued to grow our collaborative salon series No-Show* (launched with our friends at Gershoni Creative in 2017), and built out partnering efforts with other innovators, like joining forces with Matt Dick to create a revelatory evening of dialogue centered around Contradiction at The Jones Institute, and developing “Confidence in Ambiguity,” a discursive event created with our longtime client, Aesop, both of which generated such enthusiastic feedback that we are now exploring additional ways to collaborate. We also expanded the nature of our direct engagement with luminary thinkers with global impact, speaking at length with Former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair (whose thoughts on AI proved both optimistic and inspiring) for a project on The Future of Work, continued interviewing brilliant, visionary women for Forbes  (including chef & visionary Dominique Crenn, art world disruptor/humanitarian Nahema Mehta, and empathy expert and Harvard Medical School professor Helen Riess, among others), and participated in panels with topics like Tech + Life in the 21st Century (moderated by the legendary Jane Metcalfe!) at The What Summit. We listened, we learned, and we grew.

Welcome 2019.

Welcome wonder, discovery, and expanded boundaries.

Welcome Purpose.

2019 is only a few weeks old and we’ve already seen proof of its promise to be, if not officially, thoroughly Purposeful: a year of empathic discovery, scintillating discourse, and collaborative achievements. So far this January, we discussed a human capital revolution with visionary former LinkedIn CLO Kelly Palmer and I’ve spoken on AI and human connection at WeWork’s WX Summit in Park City Utah. We’ve also kicked off the year with large-scale project about Healthcare and Technology, working to explore solutions related to End of Life Care, Healthy Cities, Home Care, AI, and further investigating the Social Determinants of Health as seen through the lens of technology.

While we shared quite a bit of our growth in the preceding highlights, I’m pleased to announce still more is coming. We have several exciting projects in active development, and look forward to sharing further details very soon.

Our 2019 executive dialogue series on PURPOSE will launch this spring. By employing a mindful, immersive experience with a focus on guided dialogue, these sessions will help both individuals and organizations contextualize their actions and create impact within the broader currents of our ever-changing society. If you’re curious or would like to send a colleague or a team member to one of our sessions, please connect with me.

No-Show*, as before, continues to be a series open to the community at large. Should you like to nominate an innovative participant, or share related thoughts and suggestions, we welcome your input -- please be in touch.

We are inspired by what 2019 has the potential to become, and want to connect with you and share. If you do not already receive our regular communication (a mostly bimonthly dispatch where we keep you abreast of new developments in our evolving project roster, share quarterly business updates, highlight recent interviews, and relay things which delight and inspire us ) we invite you to sign up.

As ever, we value and celebrate your input, insight, and interaction.

For those of you who have been with us since our beginning, thank you for yours-- and for our new friends and followers -- WELCOME.

Let’s make this year remarkable.